2017-09-01 / Letters

Frustrated by cable bill

I am writing to share my frustration with Spectrum television and cable. A couple of months ago I was going to delete all the services because the costs had constantly been rising.

I even informed them I was looking at going to a different ser- vice as my bill was $161 a month.

The gentleman behind the counter told me they have a special where I could keep most of what I was using for one year for $119.53 a month. After two months, my bill has gone up to $126.32 a month. They told me that some costs had gone up and I have to pay the difference. I told them that the agent said the price was good for one year, not that it was good until the next increase.

I feel that Spectrum is a corrupt organization and does not honor their commitments. I wonder how many other subscribers have been defrauded by this company?

Rick Hull
Simi Valley

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