2017-09-01 / Letters

Early Halloween proposal

I have a suggestion for Simi Valley. I would like to propose that we, as a city, have our official trick-or-treating on the Saturday before Oct. 31, rather than always having it on Oct. 31.

I used to live in North Carolina and we did this, and it worked so well.

The first advantage, which I think all parents can appreciate, is that it’s not on a school day and the next day is not a school day.

Kids won’t be up late on a sugar high and drained the next day due to lack of sleep and a sugar crash. It won’t affect their classroom behavior as much as the day after Halloween either.

Another advantage is that many parents work and can’t get home in time to help their kids get ready, make sure they eat a good meal or even see them trick-or-treat.

I remember when I was working in Santa Monica, trying to make my way home on Halloween afternoon, stuck in awful traffic and knowing I was not going to make it home in time to see my sweet girls out the door. If we celebrated on Saturday it would be a lot easier on parents.

Lastly, having it on Saturday opens up the possibilities for costume parties before or after trick-or-treating, and parents and kids alike would have the opportunity to not be rushed through the festivities.

Less stress, more fun.

Danna Teal
Simi Valley

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