2017-09-01 / Letters

Don’t pass that stopped bus

As most of you are aware, school bus transportation is provided to students within SVUSD who are enrolled in one or more of the special-needs programs at our schools. This is the seventh school year that I have been riding on one of those buses in the morning.

Apparently, many vehicle drivers have forgotten the law regarding passing a stopped school bus. I would hate to think they are intentionally ignoring it. I’m appalled at how many cars pass right by the bus when the bus is stopped and the red stop sign is out.

Stopping is not a choice or a matter of convenience. It’s the law.

Unless there is an actual divider in the middle of the road, it is required that traffic in both directions stop. I’m not sure what people are thinking. Are they in that much of a hurry that it is OK to risk the life of a child?

And before it is asked, yes, the police have been notified. But there are so many bus pickup and drop-off locations in the city, the police can’t be everywhere.

I implore all vehicle drivers to please be on the lookout for the stopped buses. Help each other out. If you see someone you know pass through the stop sign, let them know what they did. This is a serious accident just waiting to happen. There is a reason for the law. Follow it.

Michelle Scharf
Simi Valley

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