2017-07-14 / Letters

Pet rescuers deserve thanks

I would like to publicly thank the hard-working volunteers of Simi Valley Missing Pets and Dog Day Search and Rescue for their tremendous dedication to the animals of Simi Valley and for ensuring that any stray or missing pet is taken care of during their time away from their homes.

I have always seen their work from Facebook forums and admired their dedication from afar, but I never knew the full amount of passion they had until July 4.

When we arrived home from the Simi Valley fireworks display, we found a stray golden retriever on the side of our house. She was scared, hurt and looked to have been on the run for quite some time. We immediately took her to our house and gave her some food and water. We could not keep her at our house as we have three dogs of our own, so at almost midnight we called SVMP and they told me they would be right over to pick her up.

They showed up about 20 minutes later. Out came JoAnn deCollibus, Jennifer Diello and Casey Huessner, who took the poor thing and made sure she was safe and felt loved. I have been told she was not in good shape when they took her but she is on the mend. She has a long recovery, but had it not been for the love of these three ladies, who knows where she would be today.

Thank you, ladies and all of the volunteers who keep our fur babies protected and safe when they need it most.

Kathy Hinkle
Simi Valley

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