2017-07-14 / Letters

History Day was a delight

I want to take a moment to thank Nancy Kidd, event coordinator at Strathearn Historical Park and Museum, for her amazing work in getting the famous Ramon Becerra to History Day last month.

Those in the equestrian community are certainly aware of Señor Becerra’s prowess as a horse whisperer/trainer. Well, Nancy was able to schedule Becerra to regale Simi with his gorgeous Andalusian geldings, dancing to the Mexican Hat Dance, La Cucaracha and last but certainly not least, Santana’s “Smooth” mounted upon the regal El Alcazar. I almost fainted with delight.

Thanks, Nancy, and thank you, Señor Becerra, for making History Day at Strathearn an event of a lifetime.

Heidi Dauwalter
Simi Valley

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